The Wyrding Way

Near the dead of the lake,
in the night of the woods,
the witching hour becomes thick and heavy,
where the divine will not pass.

The ones who borrow are hiding in the trees,
in the minds of the forest,
in the cracks of the earth,
in the deep mire of the evening.

Here the moon comforts the sun,
who whimpers in frustration where he cannot reach-
a tangle-copse of raven burdens.

The town turns out quilts
of every glorious color and heavenly design,
and I am a stiff black thread for the silver needle-
threaded perfectly, and useless for sewing.

She knows when the witching will happen,
but in her prison I cannot reach her,
and the light of my power is stopped in a dam.

Under the oak,
Under the holly,
Under the yew,
they gather.

The argent circle hung from my neck
is a signet of sacred light to stay the snake,
and a sigil to draw the venom.
Bones of a horse jaw I clasp, ward of the evil eye.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for a sinner, now and at the hour of my death.

When they dropped the ashes of my ancestors,
I remember a spirit rising from the shards,
wailing and chained to the ground under the half moon.

Someone holds aloft an effigy of straw.
It will raise a horror of bones from my still-warm body,
and I will become a golem for the rest of my days.

The inkwell is broken, shattering black over the parchment;
I was held by the heart when baptized in the waters of Styx.


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